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Alhaji Mohammed Osaruyi Ighile



What is encroachment?        It means going beyond what naturally belongs to others.


Edoland is richly blessed by nature with abundant Black Gold which is popularly known as timber in our Forest Reserve in nearly all 
parts of the State, mineral deposits, petroleum and highly fertile farm land for cultivation. It is indeed regrettable that communities 
in the neighboring States have illegally infringed on the rights of the Edos by encroaching on our God given land unchallenged, and with
 the affected communities watching helplessly. This bastardized act has in no small measure robbed our children of the benefits they 
would have derived from the natural wealth it has pleased God to bestow on us in the areas being encroached upon by the invaders. Added 
to this, encroachment on our land has adversely affected our ecosystem as the rationale for such encroachment is for total exploitation 
aimed at amassing wealth at the expense of the Edos.


It may sound astonishing to a patriotic Edo man that effort by some of our communities to resist such menace of encroachment by the 
indigenes of our neighboring states has resulted in the killing of some of our people and properties worth several billion Naira 
destroyed without meaningful intervention by those in authority. A case in point is the killing of our brothers and sisters in Oben 
community of Orhionmwon local Government area few years past when the Oben community questioned the right of the Oghara people in Delta 
state to farm on Oben farm land without permission to do so, our people were attacked, killed, maimed, their houses burnt and they were 
driven away from their home land. The people of Idale in the same Local Government Were maimed, raped, killed and their properties 
destroyed and burnt down by their invading neighbors. At the end, nothing happened to Ogharas and the other so called neighbors as none 
of them were brought to face justice. However, the Omo N�Oba N�Edo, the Oba of Benin did intervene in his own way. Thanks to his 
majesty.  In the same Oben community, the Oghara community in Delta State also laid claim to the portion of our land where petroleum 
was discovered. As at now, pipes are connected to the oil wells in Oben through which crude oil products are drained to Delta state. 
The economic advantage of this is credited to Delta State.


By it known that some Odionweres, enigies and community elders, for their selfish reasons, are at the fore front in the sponsorship of 
the interlopers  and encouraging them to infringe the rights and privileges given by God to the Edos by encroaching on our land. These 
unpatriotic Edo indigenes demand huge some of money from those who encroached on our land annual homage either in cash or kind are paid 
to the so call Odionweres, Enigies and elders. It is indeed very sad that in view of the fact that the past administrations and the 
present administration of Edo state were aware of this inhumanity to man to which the Edo people are subjected, they watched helplessly 
and allowed the interlopers to cart away the wealth on our land. What a shame on those who ruled Edo State before now.


It is worthy of note that the past Honorable Commissioner for Agriculture and natural Resources, Edo State, Barrister Agbonwanegbe as 
courageous enough to hold the bull by the horns when for the first time in the history of the Edo State, he invited the indigene of 
Ondo and Kogi States who have converted our forest reserve to Cocoa plantations after they had illegally exploited the logs there-in, 
and warned them to put a halt to their wanton exploitations and destruction of our land, or in the alternative to pay rents to the Edo 
state Government. The honorable Commissioner further warned the unpatriotic Edos who encouraged the non-indigene of our State who 
encroached on our land to stop forth with or be made to take necessary sanction. The action of the Honorable Commissioner is 
commendable and a welcome phenomena and the first of its kind.


Parts of Edo State where encroachment has assumed wide dimension are:







Oben: Orhionmwon Local Government Area

Delta State and Oil Companies prospecting for Crude oil

Farm land taken over by the Deltans and oil pipes laid to drain oil to Delta State from Oben in Edo State


Iguemokhua � Orhionmwon Local Government  Area

Oghara people in Delta State

Illegal exploration of logs in Edo forest reserve and farming in Edo Land


Urhonigbe- Orhionmwon Local Government Area

People of Umutu and Urhobo in Delta

Illegal farming on Edo land and exploitation of logs from forest reserve


Sakponba � Orhionmwon Local Government Area


Illegal exploitation of logs in Sakponba forest reserve


Evbonogbon-Ovia South West Local Government Area

Ondo state

Illegal exploitation of logs from forest reserve


Safarogbo, Ubayaki, Okomu-Ijaw, Modoti, Agbonokhua (Ikale camp), Gbelebu, Jide inland, Jide upland, Kehinde, Madagbayo, Ofineyege, Okadeye, sule camp, Gbelekanga, Gbolowosho, all in Ovia South Local Government

Indigene of Ondo, Delta and Kogi States

Illegal farming and establishment of plantations in the reserve, illegal exploitation of logs.


Gele-Gele, Nikorogha, Iboro, Ikoro, Malagidi, ajakurama, etc. Ovia North East local Government Area


Illegal claim of ownership of the land (Note that the Ijaws came to these places in search of  sea foods and local navigation on our waters for economic reasons) Attempts on them to install traditional rulers on the land has been forestalled


Oja-Akoko Edo Local Government Area


Illegal farming on Edo land


Ilushi-Esan South �East Local Government Area


Illegal farming on Edo land


Ukpilla-Etsako East Local Government area


Illegal exploitation of limestone and granites


The above list is inexhaustible


The question now being asked is that, if this ugly situation is allowed to persist, what will be the fate of our children. The land our forefathers fought for, jealously protected and handed over to us is now being giving out for the price of a pot of porridge by the socalled political leaders, Enigies, Odionweres, Community leaders, who are motivated by greed. This is sad and except they retreat their steps, posterity will not forgive them.


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