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�MOTOR CITY � 2004�


13th Annual National Convention

Crowne Plaza

Romulus- Detroit, Michigan, USA.

September 3 �?" September 5, 2004




The Edo National Association in the Americas, Inc. (ENA) held its 13th annual national convention in Detroit, Michigan from September 3 through September 5, 2004.  The Edo Heritage Foundation n of Michigan hosted the convention.  The President of the Edo Heritage Foundation and Chairman of the Council of Presidents (COP) of the ENA, Mr. Felix Iyoha, was the Chairman of the convention.  The convention attracted notable dignitaries and many people from all works of life including intellectuals, lawmakers, traditional chiefs, businessmen, businesswomen, and many distinguished Edo sons and daughters from all over the world. 

Some of the people who graced the convention included Chief Nosakhare Isekhure, the Isekhure of Benin, who brought a goodwill message from our royal father, Omo N' Oba N' Edo,Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Erediauwa II, the Oba of Benin, Honorable Arigbe Osula of the Nigerian House Representative, ENA officers, members of the Council of Presidents (COP) �?" Presidents of member organizations of the ENA, members of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Dan Austin (the son of the famous  Bishop Edokpolor of Benin City), who delivered the keynote speech on �?oHealth Promotion and Disease Prevention among the People of Edo State,�?� Dr. Cynthia Austin, who spoke on women health problems, Dr. Peter Agho, who delivered a lecture on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Dr. Steve Ogbonmwan, who gave a speech on �?oMaintaining Good Health in a Noxious Political Climate and Ailing Economy,�?� and our very own and vibrantly dynamic Dr. Rosaline Oseme Okosun, who piloted another successful Library Project fundraising drive for the ENA at the convention.
The convention was a blend of business, social, and cultural activities guided by a recurring motif that focused on health issues and problems confronting our people.  As remarked by one enthusiastic conventioneer, the convention theme, �?oHealth Promotion and Disease Prevention�?� was suitable for the occasion, well timed, and succinct.

Besides providing a social atmosphere for interaction and meeting of old friends and making new ones, the 13th annual convention in Detroit was a gala of festive activities and events, which included the COP meetings for the deliberation of internal matters of the ENA, speeches and lectures, town hall discussion session in which the participants looked closely at ways to obviate the nagging health issues confronting our people.   The convention also featured cultural extravaganza, which included art works and display, children program, and other cultural activities.  As with the preceding convention of 2003, the official pronouncement of the convention is derived from the issues and matters discussed or presented during these sessions. At the conclusion of all events on September 5, 2004, participants were swept with enthusiastic display of elation and resonated constructively as follows:

1. Recognized that the ENA is steadily advancing as the premier organization of all Edo people in the Diaspora.  

2. Recognized the need to and resolved, at the COP meetings, to be properly organized by effecting meaningful changes in the structural framework of the organization to enable the ENA to better harness the material and human resources at its disposal to effect developmental programs in all parts of Edo State.  

3. Reaffirmed the need for Edo people to come together as one and noted that Edo people in the Diaspora need to be more proactive and take the lead in positioning Edo State in its rightful place among the states in the nation.
4. Reflected on the poor health care system in our society and acknowledged the needs for both public and private prepaid health care system through a reliable, trusted institution by formulating a formidable health care policy and strategy. 

5. Affirmed the need for practical solutions to the health care crisis by developing health care infrastructure, private and public health care system, financing system, and health care and pharmaceutical industry to ensure and support a viable and sustainable health care program in our homeland.  

6. Recognized the idea of a committee to look into certain areas of our deplorable health care system and welcomed the need to explore ways to approach and work with the government to launch a technology-based health care plan in Edo State as a way to practically resolve or alleviate the health care crisis besieging our people.    

7. Expressed the need for adequate and efficacious rule of law and order to guarantee the security and protection of investments in health care in our society.

8. Recognized some of the common health issues and diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and hypertension that afflict us and what we can do to effectively manage and prevent these diseases.   

9. Embraced the need for us to properly manage our health through good feeding habits with emphasis in the consumption of more fruits and vegetables as a better way to avoid unhealthy foods in addition to exercises and other physical activities to keep us in shape. 

10. Acknowledged the bad effects and damaging consequences of bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking and recognized the necessity for us to understand our appropriate Body Mass Index (BMI) and how we can prolong our lives by bringing down our body weight through  diet and  physical exercise.    

11. Recognized some of the ways to prevent common sickness such as malaria for those in the Diaspora who may want to visit home by taking anti-malaria drugs before, during, and after the visit and accented that the best way to prevent such deadly disease as the HIV by through abstinence or monogamy.

12. Recognized some of the health problems of women, the major causes of death among women, and what can be done to prevent some of these health problems confronting our women. 

As with the preceding conventions, the Detroit convention provided a forum and opportunity for Edo indigenes and lovers of Edo to reflect and dialogue on issues of common interest.  In all, conventioneers acknowledged the need for us to help our leaders and public officials to be more purposeful and visionary in the discharge of their statutory and fiduciary duties and responsibilities to the people of Edo State.


Dr. Austin Agho
Mr. Ericson Ugbo
Mr. Hillary Evbayiro
Mr. Osa Omoruyi

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