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The attention of the ministers civil movement International (mcmi) Edo state chapter has been drawn to the postals on some major streets in Benin on details information of your propose Edo indigenes convention holding in USA from 3rd and 4th July 2004.

We wish to appreciate the great effort of the conveners for such a great stride in putting this seminar/convention together. Although we were not officially invited to this convention as a movement, but as a movement in Edo state and being Edo state indigenes, we prayerfully wish to submit our own opinion which to some extent is the full mind of the meaningful Christians in Edo state which we represent as Pastors/Leaders. Our concern is primarily based on seeking a permanent developmental principles for our state.

This is not to brainwash any body, organ, organization, party but to enable us see through the eyes of growth through meaningful leadership and good governance. It is never our idea to harmfully criticism any group of persons but wish to identify some lapses and areas of the common concern. We are convince that if the paper presentation of your key Note speaker will be followed, then, Edo state is on a head way to success.

The True Position of Our State.

Much has been heard of Edo State both at the national , international and at the local level. Our state has not witness ANY meaningful development in the last fire years, space may not permit us to state point blank all areas where-by the state is lacking. But we shall alight on some basic necessary areas that our state is lacking. Edo state has witness crises of poverty, leadership tussles, cold war, strikes, non-payment of salary as at when due and worry emphasis of true nature and position of our state.


Though it is assume that the state has water board but it only has a structural building and personnel but majority of the people living in Edo State, with a true and practical censor of Benin city. Majority of the people do not even know if there is water supply from the state government water board. Majority of our people only survive by private borehole which in some places goes for five naira per

20 liter garicans. The present political leadership has not done enough if at all they have done something on the problem of water in our state. Take for instance, from Third Junction to Upper Sakponba, through Sapele Road to Ikpoba hill do not enjoy what is called state water board supplies, down Ekemwan road to Erunmwense to Ogida, it sound strange to them if there any thing of state water board. If this convention will look into the problem of water supply in Edo state, it will go along way to elevate the problem of the masses.


Within the last two months, flood has displace families and homes, the problem of flooding in our state should be carefully look into at this convention. The major problem most people are facing is how to be accommodated resettlement. The government should be advice to consider the plight of the displace masses. One of the daily newspaper, carried a leading story captioned "Benin resident displace, flood take over homes. See vanguard Tuesday June 22, 2004.

Leadership tussle

Edo state has witness cold leadership tussle of recent, outside the corridor of power, and as a movement in the state tried to do our best to witness meaningful development, but of recent precisely towards the end of 2003, the leadership of the state house of assembly was change without meaningful reasons which bore down to the internal problem with the ruling party national leader and the state governor. This led to the removal of the speaker in the person of Hon. Friday Itular who is the candidate or the favorites of the National party leader and was replaced by the governors favorites our investigation revealed that the internal conflict between the National Party leader and the state governnor has not been put to rest. In an atmosphere of racour. It is our prayer that at this convention such conflict should be resolved in the spirit of love.

The conflict of other opposition party members that strongly believes that the last election was massively rigged and majority of this people would have loved to be involved in the development policies of the state but could not as they may not have been consulted to deliver their worth.

Our leaders should rethink of the leadership position. It is either they are ruling or leading. We do not need rulers but we need leaders that are leading by examples.

The Condition of our Road

Many of you at this convention will find it difficult to once again recognize those old street you use to know those days. The deplorable condition of this street has affected the economy of our states.


Our major and adjoining streets as been taken over by men and women recruitted by the ruling party. This were the touts(agberos) that was assumed to have be dissolved by the state government. They have constituted nonsenes to our state. It is our believe that this monies do not at all get to the state tresury. The state government should be advise to devise proper means of generating funds for the state.


Our state is bless with undisclose wealth that has not be tap. If only we would at this convention devise means of expolring this wealth. Only then that we will not remain were we are.

In conclusion

We must not forget to once again appreciate your concern for good governance in Edo state which this convention aim at. If there is good governance in our state the people will rejoice. We do not want to accept the facts that the federal allocation to the state is low. Rather than, the major part of allocation is been misuses and converted into private purse through back door.

All we as saying, we need good governance and restoration of hope and peace. The issues of the house assembly leadership should be reconsider, let the rightful person take his office. The battle between the National Party leader Chief Tony Anenih and governor is one of the problem that has drawn our state backward. Our honourable governor use to be alistening person but has delibrately turn his ears to the cry of the masses.


Good governance is our yearning .

God bless you.


Andrew Osa-Ighile Paul Oyarenua D.D President. Director of affairs

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